KYC verification instructions


Know Your Customer is a principle of the stock exchange and banking regulation. It obliges financial institutions to establish a customer's identity before conducting transactions. It helps companies to protect themselves from dealing with fraudsters and to protect customer accounts.

Account verification is a set of measures that help a broker verify that a customer is of legal age and in possession of the means of payment with which the trading account has been activated. In addition, it prevents any attempt at money laundering and fraudulent transactions with other people's accounts.

To be verified, you must submit scanned copies of documents or high-resolution photographs to the verification department within two days of activating the trading account.

List of required documents:

Identity card (valid passport, passport, driving license). The scan or photo of the document must clearly show the name, date of issue, expiry date, series, number, signature, and photo.

Document confirming the client's address (for RF citizens, it is possible to provide a page in the passport or any other document with the address and date no later than three months, containing the client's name: bank statement, utility bill, etc.).

For EU residents: a utility, internet, or mobile phone bill issued in the Client's name within three months.

A picture of the bank card (on both sides) that you used to make the deposit. The first six and last four digits of the card number and the cardholder's name (if available) must be visible, and the cardholder must sign the card in the space provided. Please ensure that the number's remaining digits and the CVV code on the back are out of frame.

Declaration form. Our company document proves that the trading account has been activated and the funds have been deposited. It is sent by the verification department to the client's e-mail and must be printed, handwritten, and sent in a good-quality photo or scanned copy.

From the owner of the trading account: proof of identity, proof of address

From the bank card holder: proof of identity, address, bank card from which you made the deposit, and declaration form..

The manager should also verify the age/citizenship of the cardholder.

Identity card, proof of identity.

Identity card, proof of address, declaration.

Requirements for the copies of documents submitted:

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    The copy of the document must be in color and fully legible;

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    The spreads of the document (with corners and edges) must be fully visible, in full size without cropped edges;

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    The image must not contain any traces of graphic editing, explicitly erased elements, notations, crossed-out words, or corrections of any other kind. The only exception is the Client's bank card, where it is necessary to cover confidential information for information security;

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    Documents must be valid at the time of the request and bear all proper seals and signatures.